ELQEMMA Company has many powers, relations and expertise that make it a pioneer in the field of business services in the Arab world in general and in the UAE in particular. Therefore, we are always in the forefront, just tell us what you want and give it to us.

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Identity and Nationality Services

‏ Issuing the new ID card and obtaining a lost or damaged allowance in addition to renewing or modifying the ID card Issuing a new identity card - Extraction of lost or damaged allowance - Renewal of identity card - Edit ID card ‏

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We provide all services related to queries and consultations of all nationalities individuals and companies.

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‏Advanced and fast dealing with all governmental and private bodies in the UAE for all nationalities

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Coordinate with all our clients and develop strategic plans by our experts to launch or help develop brands

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Human resources and localization

Includes the following services: Business card Work permits Payment Miscellaneous Canceling sponsorship of reports Electronic forms

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Identity and citizenship services

Issuing a new ID card and obtaining a replacement for lost or damaged in addition to renewing or amending the ID card Issuing a new ID card - obtaining a replacement for lost or damaged - renewing the ID card - modifying the ID card


ELQEMMA company for Business Services was established in an integrated manner to meet the needs of VIPs in the governmental, non-governmental and semi-governmental sectors. Our transactions include ministries, embassies and consulates. Our company has all the resources that the auditor is looking for through our highly experienced staff in this field since the beginning of the establishment. We are one team working hard to ensure that we have a comfortable working environment that is accurate and fast in delivering a comprehensive package of services.

Our Mission

To be a leader in business services and VIPs to ensure their progress and continued success. We look forward to expanding in the Arab and foreign world and working on the elevation of our country and simplifying all steps for Arab and foreign investors so that we can help the economy of our country and push the locomotive of progress through

  • Superiority to our customers' expectations of excellence and continuous excellence .

  • Speed, transparency and full credibility

  • Working on the convenience of customers and completing their work with the highest efficiency


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