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Al Qemma Business Services, Investors & Clearing Services in Dubai is a government services provider in Dubai. It offers services across several branches across the emirate. Its vision is to ensure the highest standards of comfort and happiness for its customers, in line with the Dubai Happiness Agenda launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. In our endeavor to provide the highest international standards in the service of our customers, we pay every customer the attention we give to VIPs, and provide 7-star services to all our customers. Al-Qemma Business Services Company provides business consulting, focused communication and creative business solutions for our partners. Our team of consultants, supervisors, and business partners work with you to find insight into your business and tailor our solutions to your requirements. We have the advantage of being savvy on our feet. Our team will be close to you at all times to anticipate your needs, and provide solutions to guide and enhance your business vision.

Why Dubai

How to become an entrepreneur in Dubai? Dubai's position as an emerging market makes it an ideal place to invest. With new residents permanently flowing from every corner of the world, new markets are always open. The Government of Dubai supports entrepreneurs through the Mohammed Bin Rashid Young Business Leaders Authority and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, and both organizations seek to motivate young Arab leaders to become an integral part of their region's economy. The first step to starting your business is to develop a workable action plan, setting out the company's goals and explaining to investors and future clients the reasons for working with you. The government is also strongly supporting Emirati contractors, and there are many grants available to people with a strong business plan. For example, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid has provided strong support to Emirati entrepreneurs and others by launching the Dubai Merchant Program or the Entrepreneur Development Program to identify young entrepreneurs and young UAE nationals and develop their promising ideas. There are many ways to get financing for new businesses, including business loans from financial institutions and corporate grants from the Dubai government. Attracting venture capital is an option for initial financing and is often a vital part of the business of many investors. Other aspects of growth in Dubai and the Arab world include the rise of social entrepreneurs who are creating businesses not only for profit, but also to meet the needs of society or protect the environment.

corporate licensing services

Main land

The most attractive feature in the UAE business market is that its strong economic nature is the first in the world in terms of economic safety and investment.

Free Zone Company

Who does not wish to enjoy 100% ownership of a company in the UAE? Everything you need to know about UAE free zone companies. And Discover the benefits of UAE Free Zones And Learn the process of opening a business in Dubai ..... Welcome to the beginning of the world of investment in Dubai

Offshore Company

"Offshore" is a term used to identify any business or investment made outside the country of residence. The company's capital can be divided into any category. The minimum number of shareholders and managers is one. All shares must be fully paid when allocated and no shareholder or different classes of shares are allowed. 100% foreign ownership and 100% tax and procedural exemption are allowed on UAE offshore companies.

Bank Accounts

It is easy for you now to open a personal or corporate account in Dubai and invest directly in the local or international market through Dubai.

Our Mission

To be a leader in business services and VIPs to ensure their progress and continued success.

We look forward to expanding in the Arab and foreign world and working on the elevation of our country and simplifying all steps for Arab and foreign investors so that we can help the economy of our country and push the locomotive of progress through

  • Superiority to our customers' expectations of excellence .
  • Speed, transparency and full credibility
  • Working on the convenience of customers and completing their work with the highest efficiency

Our Services

The Summit Company has many powers, relations and expertise that make it a pioneer in the field of business services in the Arab world in general and in the UAE in particular. Therefore, we are always in the forefront, just tell us what you want and give it to us.


Coordinate with all our clients and develop strategic plans by our experts to launch or help develop brands


We provide all services related to queries and consultations of all nationalities individuals and companies.


Advanced and fast dealing with all governmental and private bodies in the UAE for all nationalities

Financial Services

A long experience in financial expertise and transactions from auditing accounts, issuing budgets to companies, training accountants

Human Resources and Emiratization

The following services include: Business Card Work permits paying off Miscellaneous Cancellation of sponsorship Reports Electronic Forms

Identity and Nationality Services

Issuing the new ID card and obtaining a lost or damaged allowance in addition to renewing or modifying the ID card Issuing a new identity card - Extraction of lost or damaged allowance - Renewal of identity card - Edit ID card

Our clients

We are honored to serve you and work with you throughout these years. One family grew up on fruitful and serious cooperation

What our customers say about us

Despite the strong competition in the field of business services, especially in the UAE, which is always new, we are in the way of success for the services of businessmen have been able to be strong in this area

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We are always honored to serve you. We always seek to establish relationships through credibility and transparency. Please feel free to send your inquiry or suggestions